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  Step aboard the scariest show on earth! Everything is in place to make this the “worst” (I mean) “best” experience of your life. The clowns are looking forward to “serving” you up a once in a lifetime experience. So climb aboard the train to CARNEVIL and experience the Deadly Marionettes, the Freaks of Nature, Clowns of Doom or have your fortune told by Zelda the Very Wrong. The clowns are “hungry” for an audience and you look pretty good to them. Remember everyone loves a clown…just not these clowns!!

LOCATION: Red and Jerry's (Inside)
1840 West Oxford Ave.
Sheridan, CO 80110

LIGHT RAIL STOP: Oxford Street Station

PHONE: (720)297-4892

DATES: Preview weekend - September 28-30 - Open for Season - October 5-31

HOURS: Sunday through Thursday – 7pm-10pm
Friday and Saturday 7pm – Midnight

ADMISSION : $14.95 with a coupon or can food donation - $15.95 without

Good at the following Haunts: 
13TH DOOR - Aurora
CARNEVIL - Littleton

WEBSITE: evilcarnevil

REVIEW by: The Tom Martino Troubleshooter Crew (Kelly"Tank" Parr)

First off, I have to say that if you’re scared of clowns….this is not the place for you.  Rather than a haunted house, it’s actually more of a demented Fun house that’s very well done it its execution.  One of the best starting attractions to any house this season, the train ride to CarnEvil is truly something not to be missed (very cool effect).  Animatronics and great lighting all add to this houses overall fear factor.  Also, this is another one that you’re going to have to duck, bend, and crawl to make it through.  If killer clowns and good animatronics is your thing, then CarnEvil is a definite must see this Halloween season. 

REVIEW BY: Ashley Koran

So my friend, Jennifer, wrote a review about DEAD BEFORE DAWN (and she is right - the Haunted House is great), so I thought I would write one for CARNEVIL. This is one of my favorite Haunted Houses. I have gone to it every year and when it was moved from Southwest Plaza to Red and Jerry's I was a little concerned. I didn't need to worry. CARNEVIL is better than ever. Each room is decorated with lots of colorful, but creepy, artwork. There are clowns and effects everywhere and several of my favorite rooms from CARNEVIL are still there along with lots of new ones. I LOVE clowns and there was plenty to love about this Haunted House.

The train ride it like nothing I have seen at any other haunted house. The clowns make it a point to scare you every chance they get. The attention to detail is incredible and the props are used in such a way as to enhance the scare and not detract from it.

CarnEvil continues to be one of my most favorite Haunted Houses. For great scares, this is the place!